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    There are two common reason that you might receive this error message. 1. The files weren't extracted (especially common if you are using Firefox for your browser) 2. A setup other than the "Demo Setup.exe" was selected for the installation. If your browser will allow you to save the files to your desktop (rather than download) when you click the demo link, this is the method that we recommend. The zipped folder will save to your desktop and from here you can: Right Click>Extract Files to...> Desktop. From the extracted desktop folder you can then run the Demo Setup.exe file. If you have a browser that only lets you download, you will want to go into the Downloads window. Open the file from the Downloads window. Extract this file to desktop and run the DemoSetup.exe. If you have tried this, and are still unable to get the demo up and running. Please give us a call at 651.439.4421 and we can either ship a demo disk out to you or troubleshoot your system using logmein. Thanks, Frances
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