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    Hi Alex, Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, at present we do not have the underlying data necessary to break out state taxes from county and city taxes in a region. There is not a way to adjust the tax rates in IMPLAN because our data is actually calculated from total tax receipts.. However, the tax impact form allows you to separate the Direct, Indirect and Induced tax impact reports, so if you know the taxes of the industry you are modeling, you can certainly adjust those manually outside of IMPLAN and then generate new total taxes by summing your known Direct tax with the Indirect and Induced estimated by IMPLAN. (We typically recommend this as a large number of industries are involved). The following documents contain additional information about the tax impact reports, if you want to read more. The first link provides a breakdown of state and local government revenues according to major tax categories (income, property, sales, and other taxes). The second and third link provides detailed statistics on state and local government finances by state and the US as a whole. If you are interested in breaking out state and local government finances, then you may want to use the Census share of revenue between the two sources to apportion the IMPLAN estimate of state and local taxes in your model. If we can be of further assistance, please contact us.
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