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    Hi Alex. Thank you for your post. We get our production functions - and thus our sectoring scheme - from the BEA's Benchmark I-O model. In this model, construction is based on Census structure types rather than NAICs codes (for most analyses this is preferable to trying to figure out how much of the various NAICs categories of contractors go into each structure). Because of this, things like plumbing, HVAC, electricians, etc., do not have their own sectors; rather, these activities are included in the construction sectors. Our suggestion would be to use one of the maintenance/repair construction sectors (39 or 40), which have the items necessary for electrical work as part of their production functions. If you feel comfortable with Analysis By Parts (ABP), you could edit the spending pattern for that construction sector to take out spending on items you know are not purchased for electrical work (e.g., natural stone). Thank you!
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