Expenditure on petrol


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    Hi Kei, Thank you for your post! In regards to including or not including the petrol in your analysis, that is your discretion. If you do not include petrol, I recommend that you state in your report the reason why you decided to not include it, and it may be worth noting that value in your report anyway. If you do include petrol, you will not see any significant impacts associated to this, because as you noted it is a relatively small dollar amount. One other thing to note, is that likely those purchases were purchased from a retail gas station this gives you two options for modeling it: the retail Sector (326) or to Margin the producing Sector (115). If you choose the retail Sector you will want to choose Gross Retail Sales, which is the default option. If you choose 115, you will need to set Margins manually (Event Options> Edit Event Properties>Margins> Yes . You will be able to view the resultant breakdown in the Event Options> Edit Event Properties>Margins> Edit screen. Normally we would recommend the latter method, but since the dollar amount is small, you will not note tremendous differences between these two methods. If you decide to run the analysis on petrol and since you do not know where the petrol was purchase, in the study region or outside of the region; you can set the LPP equal to SAM. In Setup Activities > Event Options > Edit Event Properties > Local Purchase Percentage > Set to SAM Model Value, or you can make a best guess estimate. Please note that you will want to apply this setting regardless of the method you choose above. Thanks!
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