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    Hi Shantaur. In regards to your Forum Post, here are some thoughts for you to consider as far as crucial information to collect for your study. They are as follow: • Campus Operations (includes things like fuel to heat the buildings, the dining hall must purchase food to feed the students, faculty members need paper to make copies of tests, and the cleaning crews need supplies to keep the buildings sanitary) • Campus Construction (upkeep and improvement of the facilities and infrastructure) • Faculty and Staff Spending (of their wages in the region to buy groceries, pay for housing, go out to dinner, and buy gas among other things) • Student Spending (The increase in the local economy resulting to the university’s drawing of new residents to the region). You may want to quantify the amount of student spending and develop a student spending profile, by surveying students to report their expenditures for a variety of items in the region. • Event Visitor Spending (identify campus events which draw visitors to the campus and to region. These events will likely fall into two broad categories: sporting and non-sporting events). If your university has an office of Institutional Research (OIR), we would suggest that you work with them. With appropriate approval, they can help assemble most of the data that you would need for your project. Obviously, you may have to develop and do the student survey yourself with the help of others in your department. The five categories above would cover many of the major components of a university impact study. We hope this provides you with a basis from which to start your project.
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