is there a way to view inflated industry sales?


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    Hi Catherine, I apologize for the delay in our response. If you want to view 100% of the sales values (i.e. before being adjusted for LPP < 100%) of a variety of event years in terms of a particular dollar-year, you can take one of two approaches 1) set up activities with 100% LPP, run the model, and select 2015 for dollar year for view or 2) do some calculations outside of the IMPLAN software environment. 1) Recreate your actual analysis but leave LPP at 100%. Run the model, and view in 2015 dollars. Note those results and then run the model with the desired LPP values. 2) Note that each industry has a different output deflator, and that the output deflator equals one if the event year is equal to the data year of your data package. My example assumes your dataset is from 2012, but the idea is the same regardless of which data package you are using. LPP v RPC: For each industry/commodity for which you have an event, you need to find the output deflator for the event year and the desired year for view. So, for the 2012 dataset and the Oilseed farming sector, the output deflator if the event year is 2010 is .754 and the output deflator with the event year set to 2015 is 1.020. If your industry sales value in terms of 2010 dollars is $1,000,000, here is the calculation to get that sales value in 2015 dollars: (1,000,000 / .754)*1.020 = 1,352,785. Generally, one must divide sales dollars by the deflator to get values in terms of the dataset year in order to apply it to the multipliers. The calculation above divides 2010 sales dollars by the 2012 output deflator for the appropriate sector to put it in terms of 2012 dollars. The output deflator associated with the 2015 event year value is meant to convert 2015 dollars to 2012 dollars when you divide a number by it; so, to go the other direction (2012 to 2015), you multiply by the output deflator instead of dividing. Also the total will never equal the individual starting costs, even following the LPP alternation because 1. You can only use one year for Dollar Year for View, because this is necessary to make them add, but thus the values will all be inflated or deflated to the Dollar Year for View and will be slightly off from the original. Summing Events With Different Event Years: General Deflator info: 2. There is no way to show the total retail expenditures in IMPLAN in the results, you would need to do the outside adjustment described above on the total amounts of retail and manually add those values back in only to the Direct Effect. Margins: When you don't know: Thanks!
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