Import spending patterns for 2013


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    Hi Judie, Thank you for your post. Since you are studying a private school, we would recommend using the private sector (473) – which is actually much easier than public school analyses! Since your school is a non-profit, you would simply zero-out the direct OPTI impacts. You would then need to recalculate the direct Output impacts (since Output includes OPTI) and your total OPTI and Output impacts (since total includes direct) – you would do this either by either a) subtracting that same direct OPTI value from direct Output, total OPTI, and total Output or b) simply re-summing your totals after zeroing out direct OPTI and subtracting that value from direct Output. Since OPTI is not included in later rounds of impact (i.e., we don’t know if, how, or where profits are spent, IMPLAN assumes they are a ‘leakage’ – they are not spent on anything anywhere) you only need to make the above adjustments to your results – no need for any other modifications. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
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