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    Hello again, I just wanted to follow up about my earlier question. I entered all of the industries and values into the software manually to see if that would resolve the consistency issue but now my Direct Effect for Output is even less. My input value is $148M; when I use the template the Direct Effect is $125M and when I enter the inputs manually, my Direct Effect is $107M. I still am not sure what is happening to my input value and which set of results is correct - those from the template or from entering my inputs manually? Thank you very much, Andrew
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    Hi Andrew! Thank you for your forum post and for the Excel attachments. This was very helpful in identifying the $25K difference. It looks as if you are also impacting 7 Retail Sectors and have indicated to Margin those Sectors. This is the correct selection, if the retail sales value you have is a purchaser receipt value. Saying yes to Margining those Sectors will reduce the Industry Sales value that is getting applied to the Multipliers. As the Software is only allowing the Retail Sectors to keep their margin of the product and not the rest of the Value Chain (Producer, Transporter and Wholesaler). I did want to ask about Sector 395, I noticed that this value wasn't margined; was this intentionall. However, the Summary results that you had attached, appear to reflect the results of importing the exported Events. This is yielding smaller overall impacts also because of the Margined Sectors. These Sectors' Industry Sales was used to estimate Employment and Employment Compensation based on the Margined Industry Sales value. On exported the values of Employment and Employment Compensation therefore represent the Margined portion but the sales still represents the un-Margined values. On re-import the Employment and Employment Compensation are forced to match the template, but the sales are once again Margined, thus customizing, incorrectly, the Output per Worker and Labor Income per worker values. Regarding your Model where you manually entered your Events, you are correct that the Sum of Event Value should equal from the Activity Template. This is as long as you are matching- Event Year, Industry Sales, Margning the Retail Sectors and LPP). If you do not mind, could you send in your model so that we can take a detailed look? I hope that this is helpful!

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