Indirect Business Taxes


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    Those values should be included in your Direct Value Added. They are typically considered leakages by the software and are not spent due to several factors (a few are listed below). For taxes you would: 1. need to know whether or not the taxes were local, state or fed 2. need to know if the taxes were spent in the same year they were collected 3. only want to account for taxes that remained local to the region 4. need to know how those tax dollars were spent, or at least whether they were State & Local Government Education vs. State & Local Government Non-Education vs. State & Local Government Investment, vs. Federal Government Non-Defense, Federal Government Defense, or Fed Investment For OPI you would need to know: 1. if OPI was paid out in the year of the operations 2. who received those payments 3. if the 'who' was local 4. how/if and potentially where they spent it Below are a couple of articles about our Analysis-By-Parts (ABP) method, which you may find useful in regards to your bill of goods approach. [url=]The Basics of Analysis by Parts[/url] [url=]Case Study: Analysis-By-Parts[/url] Regards, IMPLAN Staff
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