Error in modifying production function



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    IMPLAN Support
    Hello Larry, The first message is an automated warning that will always prompt when importing a production function. The other two messages may be indicative of an error occurring in the system. We have been unable to replicate the issue on our end, but there are a plethora of possible reasons as to why. In order to better troubleshoot this issue, would you be willing to provide us with a copy of your model? If so, please email and reference this forum post. Note: You mention that you changed the titles of your sectors (and perhaps the exported production functions). The IMPLAN system does not read some special characters (such as apostrophes), and we suggest that you do not utilize them in any of your labeling. Regards, IMPLAN Staff
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    I will try to add only one new sector/production function and drop special characters. I'll be back in touch with outcome. Larry

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