Energy generation and transmission sectors


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    Hello Lorianne, Sector 54 Construction of new power and communication structures is the appropriate sector for analyzing the impact of constructing new power structures. The same construction sector also includes power and communication transmission lines. Definitions of Construction Sectors If you know that your transmission line construction varies from the average (i.e., if running cables through pipelines is an anomaly), then you may want to consider other construction sectors. You can navigate to the Balance Sheets and compare the different construction sector Commodity Demand tabs to determine which best matches your known transmission line parameters. For energy sectors, the appropriate choice does depend on the fuel type (i.e., select sector 42 - Electric power generation - Fossil Fuel if the fuel type is fossil fuel). Sector 49 represents energy brokers and electric power distribution systems. Note that the sector does purchase commodity 3041 Electricity, which is produced by the electric power generation sectors. If you intend to analyze both the generation and distribution of electricity, then you will need to restrict Sector 49's purchase of commodity 3041 in order to prevent double counting sector 49's Output. In Pro, you can restrict Sector 49's purchase of commodity 3041 by editing the Industry Intermediate Demand in the Trade Flows portion of the Customize menu. Customize > Trade Flows > Industry/Institution RPC tab > select 3041 > Set RPC to 0 > Save > Options > Construct through multipliers. In either IMPLAN Online or IMPLAN Pro, you can utilize the Analysis-by-Parts (ABP) method to reduce the RPC for commodity 3041 in in Sector 49's spending pattern. See the links below for more on ABP. The Basics of Analysis-by-Parts for IMPLAN Pro The Basics of Analysis-by-Parts for IMPLAN Online Analysis-by-Parts to Split Supply-Chain Impacts Regards, IMPLAN Staff
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