Economic impact of post-rehabilitation buildings


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    Hello Fabrizio, [u]To your first question:[/u] The Tax Impact Report captures both industry and household taxes generated in the study region stemming from the Direct impact. This includes Taxes On Production and Imports (TOPI) taxes, payroll taxes, household taxes, and corporate taxes. Do note that, while we have industry-specific data on the total amount of TOPI paid, the distribution of that TOPI amongst the various types of transfer paid (e.g., Sales Tax, Property Tax, Severance Tax, etc.) is not industry-specific. Total TOPI by 2-digit NAICS by state comes from BEA's Gross State Product data. We then use the latest BEA Benchmark I-O to split out these values into the IMPLAN sectoring scheme. The breakdown of TOPI into its various types comes from the Annual Survey of Government Finances, which has the breakdown for the nation and each state and local government (we bridge the latter to the appropriate county). You can find more about our tax impact report at the link below. Generation and Interpretation of IMPLAN's Tax Impact Report [u]To your second question:[/u] Are you using a standard Industry Change Activity to capture the economic impact of the commercial entities? If so, your operational event value (Industry Sales) should represent the total Output for the commercial activity. This activity type will capture the Induced impact of employee payroll spending and also capture resulting taxes. If this is not the methodology you are using, we would be happy to provide further assistance if you could detail your approach. [u]For reference:[/u] Output (Industry Sales) = Intermediate Expenditures (IE) + Value Added (VA) Value Added (VA) = Employee Compensation (EC) + Proprietor Income (PI) + Other Property Income (OPI) + Taxes On Production and Imports (TOPI) Labor Income (LI) = EC + PI Also note, IMPLANs tax results are based on effective tax rates (as we are using reported tax receipts instead of tax rates). Regards, IMPLAN Staff
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