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    If you go to Explore > Study Area Data and scroll down to sector 424, you should see that it has negative Other Property Type Income (OPI). OPI is basically corporate profits, so it is not uncommon for it to be negative in some sectors in some years, especially in sectors where firms receive subsidies or are non-profits. OPI is treated as a leakage in I-O analysis so it has no bearing on impact results; therefore, your analysis is fine and no further adjustment is needed. You are correct to have zeroed out Proprietor Income. When reporting your results, you will also want to ignore the direct Indirect Business Tax column and the direct Corporations tax column (the alternative would be to edit the study area data to zero out IBT and OPI for sector 424 – then the direct IBT and OPI will be zero). In a typical industry, Output can be looked at from the revenue side (gross sales) or the expenditure side (Intermediate Expenditures + Labor Income + Taxes on Production + Profits). With a non-profit or subsidized firm, it really only makes sense to look at it from an expenditure side if the firm is not selling anything. In this case, output would be equal to the total budget.
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