Direct Institution Change from Household Spending


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    The Direct Institution Change simply displays the original expenditure amount (Household Income Change value * Activity Level). 0.1* 719,157,755 is 71,915,775 (the last digit is off due to rounding). This is merely there to show you what the original spending amount was, since there really is no “direct” effect of household spending and it does not show up in the Direct Effect row in the results screen. Is there a reason you are trying to limit your value with the Activity Level and LPP? The software already accounts for where the household purchases take place (via the Regional Purchase Coefficients). With a Household Income Change, LPP and Activity Level do the same thing (i.e., setting Activity Level to 0.5 would have the same effect as setting LPP to 50%). So by setting LPP to 15%, you are saying that only 15% of 71,915,775 gets spent.
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