SAM categories: S-I vs. Enterprises



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    Brian Barlow

    Hello Peter, 

    Thank you for reaching out. You can find the correct link HERE

    Below is the excerpt I think you'll find the most helpful: 

    Enterprise Column (Profits)

    The Enterprises institution represents incorporated businesses (not proprietorships).  It receives income in the form of returns to capital and depreciation allowances.  Enterprise income consists entirely of corporate profits.

    • Payments to Households = dividends
    • Payments to Government = corporate profit taxes and dividends (from retirement and other investment accounts).
    • Payments to Capital = retained earnings. Can be saved or used for things like future investment, whether to replace depreciated items or for other reasons.  Note that this is not an indication of how much industry investment occurred that year; not all of this amount is necessarily invested in that same year and conversely, more than this amount could be invested in the same year via borrowing.

    Thank you!

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    IMPLAN Support
    Hi Drew, The line in the SAM for savings and investments is actually the Capital. You’ll notice in the SAM that almost all Household Columns make payments to the Capital row (lower income HH often do not). Conversely, by means of Household’s borrowing money, you will see the Capital Column making payments to at least some Households. Likewise Capital payments to Commodities will represent investments on goods and services. The Enterprise column and row in IMPLAN represent Corporate profits taxes, dividends and subsidies. This link may also be helpful in defining elements of the SAM: Also this link goes into even more detail about the SAM accounts: Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
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    I'm interested to know how Enterprise is being tabulated by IMPLAN. 


    The links posted appear to both go to the same pdf of the IMPLAN liscense agreement.  I do not know if that is intentional.

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