Estimating economic output and payroll by sectors


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    Hi Sonya, With reference to running the model by inputting the number of jobs or expenditures (by IMPLAN sector) for each project, you can calculate Output per Worker by dividing Total Output Impact by the Total Employment Impact. However, note that this Output per Worker figure is a weighted average of the output per worker of all sectors involved (directly, indirectly, and induced via household spending) so it doesn't have a clear interpretation except perhaps in comparison to other projects. With reference to running the model for total jobs by IMPLAN sector - if you are just interested in pulling the Output per Worker, Labor Income per Worker, and total Output by Sector from IMPLAN, these can all be found in the Explore> Study Area Data. Totals for each of the local 440 industries will display on the View By: "Industry Detail" sheet that displays when the Explore>Study Area Data opens. The View By: "Industry Summary" sheet will show the average per worker values for each industry in the Model. Otherwise, if you want to run the entire industry employment as an impact, you will again be getting an "average" output per worker. Running the entire industry's output or labor income will give you the exact same results as running the entire industry's employment. Please let us know if we have misinterpreted your questions - if this is the case, any additional explanation you can provide would be helpful.
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