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    Hi Pat, We assume you are talking about the 2010 Decennial Census? The only data we have not yet gotten from the 2010 Decennial Census are: a. The number of households by income group at the county level. The county level data were very incomplete this time around so our choices were to use the county distribution from 2000 or use the state distribution from 2010 and use apply that to the counties. We chose the latter. b. The county-to-county commuter flows, which have not yet been released. We use various Census data sources that come out with varying frequency, as well as other government data sources. The following information describes the various sources used in the generation of IMPLAN data and a provides general information on how the data sets are used to compile IMPLAN data: [url=http://implan.com/V4/index.php?option=com_multicategories&view=categories&cid=241:datainformation&Itemid=71]IMPLAN Data Information[/url] The information in file folders at the top of the page will provide the most information based on data category; whereas, the articles in the lower portion provide additional information based on certain other data elements.
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