Induced Impacts and Commute Patterns


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    Hello Tepa, There is a single regional commuting flow that is used in the Model. It reflects the overall net commuting rate for a region. Whether or not you will adjust the full amount of the value of commuting income from you entered Employee Compensation and Proprietor Income will depend on what, if any, in-commuting is tracked in you area. The place you will go to see this in each Model is the Explore>Social Accounts>IXC Social Accounting Matrix. If payment are made from the Employee Compensation and Proprietor Income columns to the 28001 Domestic Trade row, then you have net in-commuting and then you will want to reduce the amount of compensation that you remove from Labor Income to account for what the Model is removing. For example: If you knew that commuting for your industry impact was 10% and you determined the model was removing 2%, you would only want to adjust for 8% in you entered value. The [url=]following post[/url] provides this information: [quote]To determine what amount to decrease Employee Compensation by, you can use the following equation: newEC = EC*[(1-userCR)/(1-samCR)] where: EC = original, unmodified employee compensation userCR = your known commuting rate samCR = commuting rate reported in the SAM newEC = the EC value you want to use when running the analysis So, for example, if the SAM shows that the average commuting rate in your region is 10% but you know that for your industry it is 20%, then: newEC = $1,000,000*(0.8/0.9) = $1,000,000*(0.88888) = $888,888 After the scenario has been run, add the difference (EC - newEC) back to your direct EC effect since by definition EC occurs at the site of employment. This way, you correctly account for the in-commuters' direct effect, but you have made sure that they did not generate any further local impact. You may also want to add a little income back in to account for anticipated expenses that non-local workers may have in the region, such as hotels and restaurant spending.[/quote] If no value is reported in that column:row (5001:28001) then your region has net out-commuting, and you can remove your full value directly unless you want to account for some spending while in the region.
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