Applying IMPLAN outside US?



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    Hi Kei, We apologize about the delay in responding. You are correct that we do not have any data for Malaysia specifically, the closest data that we have would actually be an OECD data set for Indonesia. But you can certainly work with Hawaii as well. Unfortunately you can't build any models in the IMPLAN software that are not created from IMPLAN data. But this does not mean that you cannot modify the IMPLAN data to reflect more of what you know about your economy. For example if you know specifics about your regional retail Margins, you can certainly edit the Margin rates of retailers in IMPLAN. There are also some additional techniques that you can use to make a Event more specific, such as editing the Event fields to modify the Output per Worker and income per worker relationships. If you know that you certain industries are not represented in your region you can eliminated those industries, or if you have special data about what your retailers purchase you can modify the spending patterns and regional purchasing to match your 'known'. In either case you will have to know what and how tourists spend in your region as a point to begin the impact, as IMPLAN is not capable of making those estimations for you. If you can give us an idea of what data you have and how you might want to use it, we can give you some more specific information for how you can tackle your analysis in IMPLAN.
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    Hello, thanks for the responses. Let me just briefly explain what I am going to do with my study. Semporna, a small tourism town depends on diving and snorkeling activities. The town received almost 100,000 tourists annually. The district of Semporna is quite big; agricultural is the main source of income for the district, following by tourism sector. However, my study only focuses on tourism activities rather than cover the whole district. The objective of my study is to estimate the total economic impacts of tourism in a small region. Input output model is the fundamental discussion of my study, with the assistance of IMPLAN. I am not sure about the retail margin of the study area but I will try to find out from secondary source. I had gone through the industries in IMPLAN and aggregated them into a few sectors in the study area. For your information, there is limited economic studies done in Semporna and the economy information of the area is still lacking. Thus, as a starting point, I plan to collect the expenditure of tourists and business operators as input into the final demand column in input output model. I have no idea how IMPLAN can help my study to estimate the economic impact study. Is there any data I need to collect so that I can proceed to my analysis? Could you please advise me on these matters? Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon.
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