Multiplier Result in IMPLAN 2.0 versus 3


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    Hello Tim, Several things could be causing the difference.[ul] [li]Depending on what year of data you are using, the sectoring scheme is different. 2006 and older is the 509 Sectoring scheme; 2007 and forward uses 440 sectors. [/li] [li]2007 and newer data estimates trade between regions via [url=]Trade Flows[/url]. 2009 data is the last data year compatible with Version IMPLAN Pro 2.0. IMPLAN Pro 2.0 estimates trade between regions via Econometric RPC. To see a more detailed document on the econometric RPC procedures used in IMPLAN Pro® 2.0 click [url=]here[/url]. To make the models comparable, you will need to build Multipliers with identical techniques. So you will need to build the Version 3.0 model with eRPC as the Trade Method. You can change this setting in File>User Preferences>Social Accounts and the choose the econometric Regional Purchasing Coefficient method for you model and then rebuild the model to that requirement.[/li] [li]If you are using different data years, you will not get the same Employment Multiplier, but even if you are using the same year if you are calculating the Version 3.0 with a different Event Year from the year in the V2 model then you would expect there to be a variance in the Multiplier due the Event Year as well.[/li] [li]These are the major reasons the results are different. [/li][/ul]Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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