Backward Compatibility


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    Hello Andrew. The answer to your Forum Post is that there are two possible options available to you for retrieving your data. First, if you have a 32 bit OS System on a computer somewhere, you can download the old V2 Software and try to open the models. I have included a link to the software below. You should know that this version of the software is no longer supported by IMPLAN Group,LLC. So if you have problems with the download, we cannot help you. The second option, if option 1 does not work, is that you can send your models to us and we will attempt to extract the data from the models for you. IMPLAN will charge you a project consultation fee of $175 every 30 minutes or $350 per hour for this service. If you need to send your models to us, you may do so by sending them We hope that you will be able to retrieve the information from your previous IMPLAN models.
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