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    Hi Xin, Thank you for your post. 1. You could theoretically do this but a) it is against the user license agreement and b) the SAM would no longer be balanced and you could end up doing damage that would be greater than using an old data set. We can create the updated model for you for a fee (please e-mail for more information) and please see the attached document for the list of data we would need in order to create the updated model. 2. It depends on which side you are looking at it from and what you know or can assume. If you are looking at it from the side of government (i.e, the spending of tax revenues), we have specific government spending patterns (fire, police, highways, sanitation, natural resources, etc.) as well as more general ones (i.e., education or non-education). It is trickier if you are looking at it from the side of households or businesses - you would have to know (or assume) how they would react to the increase/decrease in their tax bill - would they just take it out of savings/profits and spend/produce as normal (i.e., no impact) or would they adjust their spending/production behavior? Those are questions that IMPLAN is not able to answer, but once you know/assume a behavioral response, that response can be modeled in IMPLAN. A CGE model can give you those answers but you still need to assume certain behavioral responses (i.e., elasticities and closures) before the model is run. If you do run a CGE model, note that IMPLAN has a built-in function to export the IMPLAN data into GAMS-ready format. 3. IMPLAN is a static model. The impacts you run do not then become part of the underlying study area data. 4. Absolutely IMPLAN can be used for MRIO (Multi-Region I-O) analysis between counties, states, or groupings of counties or states. However, international trade flows have not yet been incorporated into IMPLAN. This is one of our long-term goals. Thank You! [attachment=515]Minimum_Data_Needed_to_Format_an_IO_for_IMPLAN.docx[/attachment]
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