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    It sounds like you are modeling the operations of the movie theater and residential complex. And that the construction of these two buildings is not part of your question. If that is the case, we'll leave the construction scenario off the table for the time being and focus in on some thoughts around modeling operations: 1. Sector 346 (Motion picture and video industries) is the closest proxy to the actual operations of a movie theater. The industry includes an average spending pattern for motion picture production, distribution and exhibition (the movie theater part of the supply chain). We would use this sector to input your employment from the movie theater. Also, if you don't like the estimates of revenue and employee compensation that are provided by IMPLAN once you input employment, feel free to override them with estimates from your own local knowledge of the theater's operations. 2. The residential building operations will be just a tad more complicated because there are actually a couple of sectors represented in that building's operations. For the landlord, property management or leasing part of the operations we suggest using Sector 360 (real estate), since this is the sector that includes landlords, property managers and lessors. For the maintenance staff we suggest Sector 40 (Maintenance and repair construction of residential structures) for the staff primarily engaged in building repairs or Sector 388 (Services to Buildings) for the staff primarily engaged in landscaping, window cleaning, snow plowing, etc). Again, if you don't like the employee compensation estimate provided by IMPLAN, please feel free to override it. Just keep in mind that IMPLAN's definition of employee compensation includes both wages and benefits. If you don't have that information readily available, feel free to use the attached spreadsheet to convert from wages to a loaded payroll that includes wages and benefits. Hope this helps!
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