Comparing old RIMS II multipliers



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    Hello Jordan, Sorry for the delay in the response. Actually it's expected that RIMS II Multipliers are larger than IMPLAN's and thus I-RIMS since I-RIMS is derived from the aggregation of the IMPLAN Multipliers. Here are a couple of considerations for why our Multipliers are more conservative/different from RIMS: [ul] [li]Typically we have found that RIMS Multipliers are larger than IMPLANs as a result of their using a location quotient to estimate the regional purchase coefficient (RPC) as opposed to our trade model RPC[/li] [li] As far as we know, RIMS does not include Proprietor Income as part of Labor Income. - again, you may want to confirm this with them. [/li] [li]As far as we know, RIMS did not take out savings or commuters when "spending" the Labor Income which would cause their Induced Multipliers to be larger than ours.[/li] [/ul] Please let me know if this addresses your concern or if you have any additional questions.
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    This is helpful, thanks for the feedback.

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