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    Hi Andrew. Part of Sector 491's Industry's Spending Pattern is Advertising, public relations and related Services at 6.244% Gross Absorption. You can look at the Intermediate Expenditures that make up sector 491: Explore> Social Accounts> Balance Sheet (Tab), and select View By: Industry Balance Sheet and the Commodity Demand tab. You can then sort by Gross Absorption, by clicking on Gross Absorption to sort from highest to lowest. Construction is included in the spending pattern however this is maintenance and repair, Gross Absorption .229%. New construction will not be included because it is final demand and therefore not part of continual, annual operating expenses. If you have the new construction values, you can model this separately in a new Activity. I realize the Gross Absorption numbers I provided may not match yours, as we are using different regions. However it is just to give you an idea that this type of value exists in the software. Thanks!
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