440 to 536 bridge table



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    IMPLAN Support
    Thank you for your question. As we looked into the matter, it appears that the bridge contains an error. While, in principle, >1 440-sector can have a ratio of 1 moving into the 536 bridge, these particular sectors had been bridged incorrectly. We have posted updated bridging ratios for Implan 440 sector 300 (and 301) below. Implan 440 sector 103 still bridges 100% to 536-sector 145. We will be posting updated 440-to-536 and 536-to-440 bridges on the website shortly. Implan440Index Implan440Code Ratio Implan536Index Implan536Code 300 33721A 0.388150057 373 337211 301 337212 1 374 337212 300 33721A 0.611849943 375 337214 Again, thank you for pointing this out to us. It is important to know that in principle, >1 440-sector could have a ratio of 1 moving into the same 536 sector. In the 440 to 536 bridge, a ratio of 1 means that 100% of the 440 sector should be classified as the corresponding 536 sector. In theory, there could be any number of sectors with a ratio of 1 merged into a single sector. So, the ratio of 1 for two different 440-based sectors simply means that both fit entirely into the same 536-based sector. In general, this happens rarely since we disaggregated more sectors than we aggregated. Note that the ratios only work one way: the 440 to 536 bridge is useful for converting 440-based sectors to 536-based sectors, but is not useful for converting 536-based sectors to 440-based sectors.
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    Yes I agree that it is theoretically possible, but only if the ratio works one way. Nothing (one-way or two-way) was mentioned in the excel file that was available for download. I look forward to receive the revised bridge table.

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