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    Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your post! Taxes on Production and Imports net of subsidy & Other Property Income Deriving national 536 IMPLAN sector data for both Taxes on Production and Imports net of subsidy (TOPI) and Other Property Income (OPI) follows the same process. BEA's Gross State Product (GSP) series, which gives state-level estimates of the components of GSP, GOS (which is PI and OPI combined), and TOPI by 3-digit NAICS, is the base data set. These data are typically lagged a year so we use growth rates between IMPLAN EC or Employment between the previous year and current year to project the data (we also use EC and Employment to assist with any non-disclosed values). We then use ratios from the latest BEA benchmark to split these projected and disclosed BEA data out to the 536 IMPLAN sectors. These estimates are then adjusted to sum to national NIPA values for TOPI and OPI. To distribute these state-level estimates to the counties, state-level OPI to Employee Compensation and TOPI to Employee Compensation ratios are calculated and then applied to each county's Employee Compensation estimate for each of the IMPLAN industries to calculate county-level estimates of OPT and TOPI. Counties' OPI and TOPI are forced to sum to the state level OPI and TOPI for each industry. Thanks!
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