Mismatch between levels of Geography



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    Another related issue: The number of output direct jobs in each level of geography are fewer than the number which I inputted (I created this model with employment numbers, rather than sectoral spending). I would expect the direct jobs to be exactly equal to the jobs I inputted. Is there a clear inputting error which would give me this confusing result?
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    Hi Eric, Thank you for your post! 1. If all of those jobs are within your study area, LPP needs to be set to 100%. This does not mean that those 3 sectors will purchase all of their inputs locally (local vs. non-local input purchases are already built into the multipliers via each commodity's RPC). By changing the LPP you are saying that only 93% or 94% of your direct impact is only happening in your study region. The remainng % is happening outside of your area and will not be counted. 2. To get the impact on the rest of the county, you need to customize your county Event such that all direct values (Output, Employment, EC, PI) match those from the town model. While the county is certainly larger, it is an average of all towns in the county and thus will have different ratios (Output-per-worker, EC-per-worker, etc.) than any one particular town. Thus, you need to specify all fields in the county Event to match the town Event, such that you are specifying that the direct effects happen in that particular town and thus should have the values from that model. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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