2014 NAICS Aggregation Schemes?



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    IMPLAN Support
    Hi Stephen. Thank you for your post. I apologize that your aggregation schemes are not populating correctly for the 2014 data. If you do not mind, please replace your 2014 Structural Matrix with the new matrix at the following link: http://implan.com/index.php?view=download&alias=52-2014-structural-matrix&category_slug=536&option=com_docman&Itemid=1764. You can find the Structural Matrix at the following pathway: C Drive > Users > User's Name > AppData > Local > MIG > IMPLAN > System Data Thanks!
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    Thanks! At first it didn't work, but I'm one of those squirrely people who still uses the drive as a dongle (yes - from 2008!!). Security and IT issues at work prevent me from making a hard drive full install. So I had to find the similar folder on the drive and make the replacement there. Now it works like a champ.

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