Opening New Year of Data in Existing Model



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    IMPLAN Support
    Hi Dudley! Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, once a Model has been built changing the base year data that it was built on is not viable. However you can import into another Model your existing Activities so that you do not have to rebuild these! This is only if you are going from one year to another that has the same Sectoring Scheme. For example, our current year data 2014 and data year 2013 have 536 Industries, while data year 2012 has 440 Industries. If you are in the Pro Software, you can Import your Activities into a Model,by selecting Activity Options > Import > From Another Model. If you are using the IMPLAN Online Software, please let me know! Thanks.
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    This is what I needed to know. It has been 4 years since I last used IMPLAN and I'm updating a study that was originally done with 2010 IMPLAN state level data. Now it's being conducted with 2014 state-level IMPLAN data. Based on your reply, it sounds like I'll need to rebuild the activities since the sectors are different between those two years. Thank you.

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