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    Candi Clouse

    Industry Contribution Analysis is even easier using! Check out the article Introduction to Industry Contribution Analysis.

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    IMPLAN Support
    Hello Chris, We apologize for the delay of our forum response. The setup of your study depends on the type of library you are analyzing. Is this library public or private? Outside of a few exceptions, our IMPLAN Sectors are private (the industries make tax payments and earn profits). To look at the contributions that a public library has on the economy, you will need to use the Institutional Spending Pattern > State / Local Government (Non Education). If you are using the IMPLAN Pro Software; I have attached two articles that further detail this type of analysis. If you are using the Online Software, please advise and I will attach those corresponding articles. Note that while the State/Local Government (non-education) spending pattern does include public libraries, it also includes everything else the State/Local government operates. Therefore, the spending pattern will not specifically match those expenditure purchases made by your library. If you know the exact list of your expenditures, you can customize the spending pattern. Importing Institutional Spending Patterns: Working with Government Institutional Spending Patterns: The Contribution analysis method is utilized to prevent the analysis total Output for the industry from exceeding the reported Output value (suggesting that Output was larger than actually recorded). This is achieved by one of two methods that alter either how the sector of interest interacts with the other sectors or how the other sectors interact with the target sector. When it comes to firm level contribution, the same methodology as that used for entire industries is still valid, but it is important to consider the relative size of the firm to the entire industry. If the firm makes up a small portion of the overall industry Output for the region, then altering how all sectors in the region interact with the sector can result in a more conservative estimate of the firms contribution. However, as discussed above, there is no public library sector. If you utilize the linked method, the two possible contribution methods will not be applicable. Please let us know if we can provide further assistance. Regards, IMPLAN Staff
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