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    Also, as I try to model using the sector of these companies within the county where a particular county is located, I'm frequently receiving this message: "Industry XXX does not exist in the model. There will be no impacts." Sometimes I can find a similar sector, but often I cannot. How should I proceed on those? These companies are incorporated in those locations (although sometimes just have a location there), so I'm not sure why the sector is not coming up. Thanks1
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    IMPLAN Support
    Hello Rebecca, You may be receiving the message that the industry does not exist for a few reasons, one being that the companies incorporated may be so new that they are not included in the 2015 data set or they may be operating under a different NAICS code. You are able to set-up an Analysis-By-Parts to complete your project. You’ll need to use a proxy region that the sector does exist in and pull the industry information for the sector to input into your model for your selected region. This is a bit of an advanced technique so I have linked below a step-by-step guide on how to use ABP when the industry does not exist in the region. Thank you, IMPLAN Staff

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