Measuring effects associated with improved health?


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    Hello Robin,

    This is a great question, but it can get tricky because the $ figure would need to be known by industry. For example, if the hospital's treatment cures 100 people and enables them to be fit for work again, what industry will they enter into? 

    Another somewhat tricky question is, what new income is generated? Even if people are able to re-enter the job market, it is likely that not all of their income will be new. If they were receiving disability funding, then going back to work substitutes the disability funding with a paycheck, although the new paycheck may be greater than the funding they received while unwell. 

    If you would like to look at this analysis from the perspective of what is lost while the individuals are sick, then you will have to consider things like how hard would it be for the industry to continue to maintain production by hiring new employees or making other changes. 

    If you can provide more information about what data you think you will be able to gather and we can provide further guidance. 


    Thank you,

    IMPLAN Support

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