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    Meg Philipp

    Hello Hubert,

    Regarding Sector 59- Construction of new single-family residential structures. If you’re looking at a 2M Total price you would then deduct the $300,000 land cost and any cost to purchase heavy equipment. In most cases, purchases of heavy equipment are made to distributors and manufacture outside of your region so the money you spend on these items will not affect your economy.  If you know that the machinery is manufactured in your region, you can run that as a separate event. Per your example once you subtract the land you’d be looking at a 1.7M output. IMPLAN uses backward linkages to capture the other build costs so deducting them is not necessary.

    Construction includes the following:

    1. New buildings and structures.

    2. Additions, alterations, conversions, expansions, reconstruction, renovations, rehabilitations, and major replacements (such as the complete replacement of a roof or heating system).

    3. Mechanical and electrical installations such as plumbing, heating, electrical work, elevators, escalators, central air-conditioning, and other similar building services.

    4. Site preparation and outside construction of fixed structures or facilities such as sidewalks, highways and streets, parking lots, utility connections, outdoor lighting, railroad tracks, airfields, piers, wharves and docks, telephone lines, radio and television towers, water supply lines, sewers, water and signal towers, electric light and power distribution and transmission lines, petroleum and gas pipelines, and similar facilities that are built into or fixed to the land.

    5. Installation of the following types of equipment: boilers, overhead hoists and cranes, and blast furnaces.

    6. Fixed, largely site-fabricated equipment not housed in a building, primarily for petroleum refineries and chemical plants, but also including storage tanks, refrigeration systems, etc.

    7. Cost and installation of construction materials placed inside a building and used to support production machinery; for example, concrete platforms, overhead steel girders, and pipes to carry paint, etc. from storage tanks.


    The following are excluded from construction:

    1. Maintenance and repairs to existing structures or service facilities.

    2. Cost and installation of production machinery and equipment items not specifically covered above, such as heavy industrial machinery, printing presses, stamping machines, bottling machines, and packaging machines; special purpose equipment designed to prepare the structure for a specific use, such as steam tables in restaurants, pews in churches, lockers in school buildings, beds or X-ray machines in hospitals, and display cases and shelving in stores.

    3. Drilling of gas and oil wells, including construction of offshore drilling platforms; digging and shoring of mines (construction of buildings at mine sites is included); work that is an integral part of farming operations such as plowing and planting of crops.

    4. Land acquisition.


    For more information please take a look at:

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    Thanks for the clear explanation, Meg.

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