Cross State Employee Compensation Adjustments



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    Candi Clouse

    Brian -

    Thanks so much for your question!  We have a few follow up questions for you to more fully understand your study.  Are you trying to measure the impact of all spending on childcare or how the childcare sector contributes to the overall economy? When you mention that you have the total Employee Compensation, is that for the entirety of the childcare sector?



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    We have calculated the cost to businesses (in terms of employee compensation) to all sectors in IMPLAN. We are looking at what portion of the economy are a result of that cost. For example in the retail trade sector there maybe $100,000 in costs in employee compensation related to turnover caused by childcare issues with employees. In metal manufacturing there may be $50,000. I want to be able to plug these into IMPLAN to see across the entirety of the economy, changes in indirect and induced values. I can't enter these in as negative values because they are spending that occurred in the economy. Additionally I can't enter these in as impacts because that would end up pushing GDP higher than actual in 2017. So I assume I would have to do some kind of contribution analysis but I'm not 100%. Just looking for some insight to go about this correctly.

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    Thank you for this additional information, Brian.

    Can you tell me what you'd expect the change in production or spending to be as a result of these costs? Would you expect the $100,000 in costs in employee compensation to correspond to an overall loss in production since $100,000 worth of work is lost due to turnover? Or is it possible that turnover is requiring new hiring and training which costs the company money, but simply translates to less profit for the company?

    You mentioned not being able to model this as a negative value because they are spending in the economy. Can you tell me who you are referring to here? Would these be employees that are quitting or are being fired due childcare issues? Would they be going from spending money on childcare, to not spending on childcare once they are out of work, but also have less income to spend on other things? 

    I would agree this would likely classify as a contribution analysis, but I'd like to better understand this scenario and the assumptions you will be making to best assist you here.

    Thank you,


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