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    Hello and thank you for your question,

    I'd love to better understand what you are hoping to estimate the impact or contribution of so I can best advise how you should model this.

    From what I understand you are hoping to model the effect of the operations of the Hoover Dam using data you have on the number of employees. Is that correct? Because the Hoover Dam is publicly owned and operated, the data on their operations is not fully included in the 536 Sectors in IMPLAN. There is a sector for "Employment and payroll of federal government, non-military", which is likely the best sector to reflect the employees at the Hoover Dam, but government spending on Intermediate Expenditures is external to the IMPLAN sectors and external from our multipliers by default.

    Like for all public operations, I'd suggest modeling the Hoover Dam using the Analysis-by-Parts approach. The sector I mentioned above or simply a Labor Income Event can be used to model the Employment and the income the employees receive. The expenditures to run the dam would then be modeled separately via the Industry Spending Pattern for the sector that best reflects dam operations. 

    Before I go any further, please let us know if this sounds like this approach matches your goals. 

    Thank you,



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