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    Wes Morgan


    The differences that you are noticing are occuring for two reasons. Firstly, Labor Income is not the same measure as Employee Compensation. Labor Income is the sum of Employee Compensation and Proprietor Income.

    Secondly, your dollar values will not match exactly due to the application of deflators and the disparity between the data year, event year, and monetary year in this particular software. The data year is the year that your model of the economy is based on - in, this will only be recent up to 2016.

    The event year is the year that you have selected this event to occur in, the year that your dollars are entering the economy. In cases where the event year exceeds the data year, we use the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Employment Growth Model to produce deflators. You should notice that if you change your event year to match the data year, your output and GDP deflators will become 1.00.

    Lastly, the monetary year in the results section is used to frame things in terms of dollars for your reporting purposes. If you were to use the same data year, event year, and monetary year, your direct output results will match exactly. 

    Thank you!


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    Thank you for that detailed and well communicated response.  I really appreciate your providing this for me.

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