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    Candi Clouse

    Hi there! 

    Adding an Industry that doesn't exist in your Region is really easy in The instructions on how to borrow the information from a different Region are in the article Adding an Industry by Customizing a Region. Please let us know if you have further questions!


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    Brian Barlow

    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for reaching out. I wanted to add some additional information on adding an industry within IMPLAN Pro (the desktop version). 

    There are a couple of ways to determine an impact for an industry that does not exist in the model. Analysis-by-Parts (ABP) splits a standard Industry Change impact into two parts: an Industry Spending Pattern to capture the target industry's Intermediate Expenditures and a Labor Income Change to capture the Employee Compensation and Proprietor Income for the target industry. Analysis-by-Parts: This is one way to add an industry.

    IMPLAN's model customization allows you to add an industry to the model and modify commodity and industry production. Note that adding an industry to the model is not an impact. You will still need to conduct an impact analysis. Customizing Study Area Data: 


    IMPLAN Staff

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