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    Hey catwoman,

    One can determine domestic and foreign import rates using the underlying Region Details: Behind the i data.

    In the Selected Region you'd like to calculate Foreign vs. Domestic Imports, find the "Total Gross Commodity Demand"              column by exporting the Commodity Summary Table in:

         Social Accounts >


                                             Commodity Summary

    Next, multiply each Total Gross Commodity Demand value for your Selected Region by the US Foreign Import Rate for each Commodity (found here: US 2018 Foreign Import Rate.xls). This will give you Foreign Imports by Commodity. The US Foreign Import Rates by Commodity are calculated as 1-Regional Purchasing Coefficient (RPC) for each Commodity. 

    Domestic Imports by Commodity can then be calculated as Total Imports - Foreign Imports. Total Imports can be found Behind the i in: 

        Social Accounts >


                                             Commodity Trade 


    IMPLAN does not directly report foreign vs domestic imports in IMPLAN because our foreign import and export rates are based on national import and export rates. That is to say, if the U.S. imports 10% of Y from foreign sources, then all sub-national regions that import Y will import 10% of Y from foreign sources and the other 90% from domestic sources.

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