economic impact of crop production


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    Candi Clouse

    Hi there!

    You might consider using an Industry Contribution Analysis as your Event type in that you say you want to see the contribution in your county. We recommend this for anything that is more than 50% of the total production in a Region.

    If you want to use Analysis by Parts, remember Output represents sales (+/- inventory) for most Industries. In that some of it wasn't sold, it wouldn't be in the Output for Industry 10 (All other crop farming). The best way would be to model the expenses that go into the production of the hay (Intermediate Inputs). You could use the Intermediate Inputs (as Industry Spending Pattern or Bill of Goods) and the Study Area Data to estimate the associated Labor Income for the Industry.

    The Regions Industry Detail gives you values for Output, EC, PI, OPI, and TOPI

    Output = Intermediate Inputs + EC, PI, OPI, and TOPI

    Subtract Output - EC - PI - OPI - TOPI = Intermediate Inputs

    Now you can find the percentage that each of EC, PI, OPI, TOPI, and Intermediate Inputs is to Output. Using your Value for Intermediate Inputs, you can approximate the Value for EC (and PI if you want). Then you can use this as a Labor Income Event.

    Let me know if you have further questions!


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