Modeling Investment into Electric Vehicle Infrastructure


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    Candi Clouse

    Hi Luke - 

    This can be a tricky one because it's both new and relatively small. Therefore, it isn't well represented in the current data. The best way to model this would be to use Analysis-by-Parts (ABP). To use ABP, you would need to know detailed spending.

    Without using ABP, the production of new electric vehicles will fall under Industry 340 - Automobile manufacturing (or perhaps 341 - Light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing and 342 - Heavy duty truck manufacturing). Note that this will include all car production, however, electric and combustion engine. Likely the industry is mostly combustion engine cars, so that will be the bulk of what is represented in the data.

    In terms of construction of charging stations, if you don't have the details, construction would fall under Industry 55 - Construction of new commercial structures, including farm structures. 

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