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  • Comparing Inputs with Direct Output

    Hello, I am modeling Tourism and I compared the total inputs that I entered into the software with the Direct Output that was reported in the Impact Summary in order to see if they matched. There ...

  • Multipliers and Total Multiplier Effect

    Hello, I am modeling the economic contributions of film-making on a County and then separately I will be modeling the impacts of new tourism on that same county that is generated by producing the f...

  • Why Should I "Normalize Events"?

    Hello, I am importing a spending pattern and was wondering under what circumstances it would be necessary to normalize events. My understanding is that I would want to normalize events if I know th...

  • Default Institutions

    Hello, On the Multipliers tab under User Preferences, What are "default institutions" and how should I decide which institutions should be checked? Thanks! Andrew

  • Industry Sector Definitions

    Hello, I am modeling the impacts of a sporting event and am interested in finding out what is included in Industry Sector 491, "organizers of sporting events with facilities". In other words, does ...

  • Multi-Year Model

    Hello, I am modeling the 5-year impacts of construction expenses and jobs for a proposed sports arena and have a few questions about setting up the model and interpreting the results. I read the F...

  • Industry Change: Importing from Excel vs. Manually

    Hello, I am modeling employment in an Industry Change Activity Type and tried two different methods of entering the same inputs just to see if there would be any difference in the results. First I ...

  • Imported Spending Patterns vs. New Activities

    Hi! What is the difference between the Institution/Industry Spending Patterns that can be imported into the Model and those that are added through the New Activity option? Thank you very much! ...

  • Interpreting the Results of Payroll Analysis

    Hello, Could you explain how to interpret the Direct, Indirect and Induced effects that result from a 1) Labor Income Change Activity, 2) Household Income Change Activity and 3) Household Spending ...

  • Customized Spending - Proper Assignment of Output

    Hello, I am conducting a customized analysis of student spending as one part of a larger economic contribution project. The data I am using consists only of total dollars spent in broad categori...