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  • Indirect Effects

    I ran an analysis using a direct employment effect five IMPLAN sectors: 20, 28, 29, 36, 337. However, in my indirect effect, industry 29 showed up. How can this be if it is in my direct effect. ...

  • Effect of Lower Energy Prices on Jobs and Economy

    How would I do this type of analysis?

  • Comparing Multipliers between Regions

    Is it okay to compare multipliers across regions, for example county, state, and nation. For example, say at the county level the impact of a job in industry X is 1.5, at the state it is 2.0 and a...

  • Multiplier Result in IMPLAN 2.0 versus 3

    I ran the employment multiplier effect on the film industry (NAICS 512110) in both 2.0 and 3 IMPLAN versions. In version 2 I got a result of 1.95 in Pennsylvania in 2011 and 1.61 in version 3 for 2...

  • Multipliers: County vs State

    In general, why are county multipliers lower than the state, and the state lower than the nation. PA in industry code 31. Thanks. :whistle:

  • Tax Impact

    I look at the tax impact for a 1 billion investment in petroleum refineres in IMPLAN version 3. Normally I just use the total tax impact report. However, this time I chose to look at the direct, ...

  • Base Closure

    What IMPLAN Sector do I use for a base closuer? I used the Federal Gov. Defense category, but the resutls were puzzling in that there was no indirect effect, just direct and induced. Thanks. :)

  • Leakage Questions

    I am in PA. I want to be sure your IMPLAN model provides answers for output and employment effects within PA—in other words, the leakage to other states and countries is built into the model. Am I...

  • IMPLAN Version Three Appliance won't work

    I get the message "Please attach the appliance to your computer and restart IMPLAN 3. I have done so numerous times, after restarting the computer as well. Please help. Thanks. :(

  • How do I use the Occupational Matrix Database?

    I am familar with the version 2 occupational matrix, an Excel sheet where you just cut and past the values into the worksheet. However with the new matrix, now in the form of an Access DB I do not...